What is Internal Combustion Engine?

Internal Combustion Engine
Internal Combustion Engine

When I used to hear the word ‘Engine’ in my childhood, i was very excited about it. i am curious about what engine is? what is its use? how it works? etc. so this this article i am going to explain you some basic about Internal Combustion Engine. so lets Begin….

What is Heat Engine?

A heat engine is a device in which the chemical energy of a fuel is first converted into heat energy, afterwards this heat energy is converted into mechanical energy.

Type of Heat Engine

  • External Combustion Engine: It is also Called EC Engine. In case of External Combustion Engine, the combustion of fuel Takes place outside the cylinder in the furnace. Due to combustion of fuel a heat energy generation takes place. This heat energy(Hot Flue gases) is used directly in case of gas turbine to develop mechanical power. Alternatively this heat energy of hot flue gases is used to raise the temperature and pressure of another working fluid (like steam). This steam further used in steam engine or steam turbine to develop mechanical power. such external combustion engine are not suitable for mobile plants used in transportation since these are heavy and bulky.
  • Internal Combustion Engine:It is also Called IC Engine In case of IC Engine, the combustion of fuel takes place inside the cylinder itself with air inducted from atmosphere. Due to chemical energy of fuel, there is raise in pressure and temperature of product of combustion. these product of combustion(hot Gases) are further expanded to develop the mechanical power and finally gas rejected back to the atmosphere.
What is Internal Combustion Engine?
Internal Combustion Engine of Bike

Comparison of External and Internal Combustion Engine

Advantage of Internal over External Combustion Engine

  • These are compact and efficient.
  • These have low weight and power ration.
  • These need less maintenance cost, hence low operating cost.
  • They do not need any auxiliary equipment (furnace, heat transfer equipment).
  • They are suitable for mobile Applications.

Disadvantage of Internal Combustion Engine over External Combustion Engine

  • It use costly fuel (Petrol, Diesel) whereas external combustion engine can use cheaper fuel( coal)
  • These are not suitable for large capacity power plant.

Application of IC Engine

  • Most of internal combustion engine are used in transport systems. (automobile, Diesel locomotive, trucks, tractors etc)
  • It is used in aeroplanes and marine transport, motor boats etc.
  • It is used in industrial application for running mills, concrete mixture, lawn movers etc.
  • Diesel generation are used for as power plant upto 100 MW capacity.

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